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I have served in the jail and prison ministry for more than 10 years.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Cost To Follow Christ

Sacrifice, obedience, committment. Luke 9:14. Becoming a slave to righteousness. Romans 6:18 I say or write nothing here based own what I think or my opinion. I have not posted because I have been studying to show myself approved. In the coming weeks, months, however The Holy Spirit directs I will list some points of interest serious disciples can latch onto to clarify focus, and motivate new and different directions. A study of Matthew 18:15-16 is witness to what Jesus expects from His Church. We are to pray for and allow Holy Spirit to focus our attention away from ourself. Even our best can sometimes end up as prideful religious exercises. Like that homeless person you just brought home for a bath and a meal, then took him/her to the bus or train station enroute to a better life, that you so unselfishly paid for. But, you told others what you had done so that they might see your lead and jumpstart their own ministry quests. But were your motives pure. This scenario recently played out in my life. After about a week and out of more than $150 the drug addict turned up once again to test my Christian heart. You don't learn to walk on water from inside the boat. And whenever we take our eyes off Jesus we begin to sink, but Jesus will not allow us to perish but learn. We do serve an Awesome God A mighty Savour. Email or drop a comment. Your input is necessary for the Church Body. Check out Disciples' Corner as well as all the connections in the sidebar. Continued Blessings in in the Mighty and Awesome name Jesus Amen...

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